Zerox HPL XT Clay Dark

Greenline, the environmentally friendly kitchen cabinets | Rotpunkt Hausmesse 2020

Available Finishes

Zerox HPL XT Clay Dark
Zerox HPL XT Clay Dark
Zerox Hpl Black | Rotpunkt Hausmesse 2021
Zerox HPL XT Black

Special Features

875 Clay Dark

Carcass available in 78cm and 91cm heights.
Bicolore | Rotpunkt Hausmesse 2021

Bicolore finish

Two colour drawer pack as standard. The top drawer of a Bicolore unit can be ordered in a contrasting door material or finish with no special instruction required.

Ceiling hanging shelving unit

LED lighting smart home ready, tuneable in the while light spectrum. The units can be ordered with any shelving material from our range and can even be ordered to house and enclose an in-ceiling extractor.
Rotpunkt Kuchen Smart Home Ready Kitchens
Ceiling hanging shelving with LED lighting
Detail Mk1 2 | Rotpunkt Hausmesse 2021

Inner Beauty

Industrial style display cabinets can be ordered with 20mm or 50mm frames, with colour matched shelf supports and shelf front edge profiles in black. These units can feature both horizontal and vertical LED lighting profiles with Smart home connectivity, and are tuneable within the white light spectrum.
The glass is available in 5 different finishes, and shelves can be ordered glazed too. These units may also be ordered with wine bottle display racks.
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