Sustainable, Green & Environmentally Friendly

It’s only natural that you want a kitchen that will last. But it must also be green and be produced in an energy-efficient manner. That is why you can choose the environmentally friendly kitchen cabinets from Greenline at no extra cost. Cabinets and fronts of our new Greenline kitchens are made of extremely stable BioBoard Gen2. 90% recycled wood is used in BioBoard Gen2. This means that even fewer trees need to be felled and future generations can also enjoy our beautiful nature.

Fortunately, more and more people are thinking about the future of the earth, so that later on others can also enjoy nature. For people who want to take care of the environment, there are now also eco-friendly kitchens. This makes the earth a lot healthier and will remain so in the future.

We care about our Carbon Footprint

A kitchen with Greenline Carbon Care offers you the opportunity to make a conscious choice for the environment. A kitchen produced Co2 neutral, but now your kitchen also Co2 neutral by compensating raw materials and semi-finished products.   The environmentally conscious choice to make your kitchen CO2 neutral can be done by using the Greenline Carbon Care display. The display includes the option to offer and sell your kitchen Co2.   The product boxes in the display contain two cards with unique numbers: one for the kitchen retailer and another for the consumer. The compensation can be activated by providing the product code and a unique certificate number when ordering the kitchen. Once ordered from the manufacturer, the compensation will be awarded to the order and will be transparent to the consumer.

Greenline Carbon Care
Product CO2 Neutral

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